Clinical Case Discussion


In addition to the I-Courses and USMLE preparation courses, MeCuM-International is now pleased to offer a new program: the Clinical Case Discussion (CCD). This course is guided by an experienced physician and provides LMU students with an opportunity to apply existing scientific and medical knowledge to real-life clinical cases from the New England Journal of Medicine.

In a group of 15, students will present a case study in a standardized „American“ format. The group is guided through each component of the case by the student presenter, who facilitates the discussion.

Leading a case discussion is very different from giving a presentation. When giving a presentation, you engage your audience principally by “telling a story”. When leading a case discussion, you are obliged to interactively pose questions and discuss answers.

The CCD provides an opportunity to learn how to implement the steps of a real-life clinical decision-making process in the context of a small group. It also serves as an advanced preparation for an international elective.

Sessions take place every wednesday of the semester from 19:00-21:00 in a seminar room or lecture hall at Ziemsenstraße.

To sign up for the CCD, please send an e-mail to